About d’art

d’art seeks to turn artistic and creative projects into sustainable, profitable businesses.

To increase profitability and sustainability in the cultural sector.
To increase and diversify the arts sector’s activity
To reach new audiences
To increase ticket sales
To generate employment in the cultural sector
To value culture

Using market and audience research, we develop projects that fit the needs and preferences of diverse audiences. Our goal is to offer diverse artistic products that fit the tendencies and trends we identify, and meet the preferences of different audience segments.

We believe that art is enriching to the community and its fruition should be accessible to all.

D’art has an innovative arts management model that seeks economic and financial  sustainability, while also being concerned with the cultural and artistic development of our society, which we pursue through education and audience development efforts.


Increasing and enhancing the consumption of artistic products, meeting the audiences’ needs and wants.


Being an example of credibility. Ensuring a sustainable business model for the artistic sector.


Promoting the value of artistic activities’ role in society. Empowering artistic enterprises and artistic workers. Promoting accessibility. .


At d’art, we believe in our human capital and our team looks at the arts sector through a lens of profitability and sustainability. We believe that this optic contributes to the sector’s growth and development.

d’art seeks to meet the demands of growing audiences.

One of our priorities is acting near the audiences, to understand growing tendencies, promote educational services and audience development.

What makes us different? We consciously bring together the management and performing arts fields, with a great degree of knowledge. 

Our managing style allows us to find the most sustainable and profitable solutions for the arts sector. This will lead to more employment, larger, more diverse audiences and greater art consumption habits.

We believe in market segmentation in the arts sector, which allows for a greater understanding of each audience segment. As audiences are satisfied, they will become loyal.

At d’art, we see the performing arts as a business. Nonetheless, we value quality above everything. We also value professionalism and focus on credibility. Our ultimate aim is to serve and enrich the community, by developing the projects that are the best fit for each audience.


Our goal is to create opportunities in the performing arts field, to generate employment and maximize profitability for the venues.

We work with artists with a forward-looking, innovative vision, who aim to reach new audiences

Young audiences are a priority for us. We create and develop performances and activities for children, as to promote early engagement with art. 

Through market studies, we gain insights about the potential audiences, their preferences and how to develop  the best strategies to meet them.


We find quick, efficient solutions for your show or performance. We keep constant contact with all parties and make any adaptations necessary, according to each client and each audience.


Our team’s motivation is to promote the sustainable growth of art, and culture and accessibility

We are invested in the art’s sector’s sustainable growth, by bringing the arts closer to the audiences.


Carolina Duarte

Bailarina, Coreógrafa e Mestre
em Gestão Empresarial

Margarida Pignatelli
Carlota Pignatelli Garcia

Bailarina, Professora de dança e Mestre em Gestão Cultural​

Bernardo Chitas

Chief Marketing Officer​


Clearly, there is a struggle, on the artist’s part, to live exclusively off of the income that their artistic pursuits generate. For that reason, there is a growing need for change in the performing arts market. There is a need to find sustainable, profitable business models for the arts. We exist to be that change

One of the key factors for the sustainability of a business is the definition of a product or a service, as well as the mission and vision of the company. It is also crucial to define the target audience and to identify their wants and needs. At d’art, we have identified a market gap in the artistic field, which we wish to fill.We see that these aspects, that are of the utmost importance, are very underutilized in the conception of most artistic projects, as well as their management.


Trabalhamos com diversos artistas das diferentes áreas artísticas, com uma visão voltada para o futuro e com o obejtivo comum do crescimento do setor cultural. Artistas independentes, emergentes e no início de carreira.

We are invested in audience development
We are invested in creating artistic products that meet each community’s desires.

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